Primo Pet Portraits

The Primo Pet Portrait


A Primo Pet Portrait is a hand painted picture of an animal that goes beyond the color of a coat or the curl of a tail. A Primo Pet Portrait paints a different picture altogether by intimating the following truths:


Our pets are smarter than us.

They lie.

They manipulate.

They are good looking.

They eat things that are bad for them.

They have distinct preferences.

They have something to say. 

They know all of our human flaws and love us nonetheless.



Many people agree that the beings from whom they receive true unconditional love are animals. In spite of this, there is little formal acknowledgement for these creatures and their continuous invitations to join them in a love-based paradigm. Primo Pet Portraits is on a mission to increase consciousness and value of animals by celebrating and memorializing them in art. A Primo Portrait is a way to adore, respect, remember and pass on animal family.


Primo Pet Portraits are hand painted using mostly acrylic and watercolor. No computer assisted software is used.

Primo Pet Portraits takes its name from Primo, a cat and special friend, RIP.

"I just now opened the package and was expecting to see Stella, but I was unprepared for just how much you captured her spirit. It brought tears to my eyes to see our beloved Stella looking back at me."

 -Melanie S.