Primo Pet Portraits
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Here are some questions to think about when considering a portrait:


What are the signature activities of your pet?


Is there clothing or jewelry you might add to best showcase the personality?


Does your pet have a favorite place in your house or yard?


What phase of the pet's life do you want presented?

NOTE: It can be very healing for people to remember an animal in his or her prime, especially after going through the death process.


Example on right-

"Los Tres Gatos de Cynthia"


Here the client chose to include all of her cats in one portrait. She had had each cat separately, and all three were deceased at the time of the commission. Cindy gathered several old photos for me. I also knew that she had recently acquired property in Mexico. She posted a lot of photos of her trips there online, especially the sunsets. This information inspired me to paint a dramatic sunset background in watercolor. The translucency of watercolor gives a heavenly effect. I included three large goblets of margaritas with subtle lime and salt on the rims to suggest Mexico, as well as a sombrero on one cat, and jewelry typical of the region on another. One cat has a bottle cap at his toes because he loved to play with them. This portrait brings together a current, joyful part of Cindy's life, a heavenly realm, and all of her beloved cats.