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Commissions are based on one or more photographs and plenty of description. Close-ups of your animal's face from multiple angles are ideal. Descriptive essays and anecdotes are encouraged. More description = better portrait!



Portraits are available in the sizes listed below.


Please indicate if you would like vertical or horizontal orientation.


Different sizes are available upon request.


A painting may include more than one pet, as indicated. I don't like to squeeze multiple pets into the smaller sizes.


Portraits are painted in mixed medias on high quality art paper or on canvas. Please bear in mind, a canvas would be ready to hang, whereas a portrait painted on paper can be matted and framed according to the owner's taste, by any framing studio. Please indicate your preference.


No matting or framing is included. Primo Pet Portraits does not offer this service.


Please allow approximately 3-6 weeks for smaller portraits, and 6-9 weeks for larger portraits. I will do my best to accomodate time constraints.


Portraits are shipped in appropriate packaging to prevent damage. Shipping costs are not included. If you live nearby, I can deliver it to you/arrange to meet you at no charge.


One half of the cost is due at the time the order is placed. The remainder, plus any packing and shipping costs, is due upon completion.


The artist, Nancy Kelly, maintains all licensing rights to all portraits.


Pricing for Commissions


Size         1 pet        2 pets      3 pets        4 pets

10"x10"      $280

12"x12"       $375
11"x14"       $460           $510
12"x16"       $530           $620           $710
16"x20"       $850           $940           $1,030           $1,120
18"x24"       $1,350        $1,440        $1,530            $1,620



Special request sizes shall be priced accordingly.



Prices do not include packing and shipping.