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Animal Reiki!


Nancy Kelly is not only an animal portrait artist, but an animal Reiki practitioner. She has received her Level I and II Reiki from Kathleen Prasad at the magical BrightHaven animal sanctuary is Santa Rosa, CA. BrightHaven is a sanctuary for senior and special needs animals. It is also a pioneer in animal hospice care and education. Nancy is currently practicing animal Reiki in the homes of animals in San Diego (north county). Please inquire at


What is Reiki? by Nancy Kelly


Reiki is a Japanese word for "spiritual energy." Rei=spiritual, and ki=energy. Reiki refers to the universal life force healing energy available to anyone. A Reiki practitioner is not a healer, but rather a being who offers focused intention in order to channel Reiki to a willing recipient. Some of you may be familiar with the teachings of Wayne Dyer and "the power of intention." I would say this concept is similar to that of Reiki. However, Reiki has a rich culture and history all its own, so I draw this parallel with caution.


Reiki is defined as both a Japanese system for spiritual development and a type of hands on healing. It was created by Mikao Usui in early 1900s Japan. Books abound on the teachings of Usui and his disciples. In summary, to practice Reiki is to seek growth and healing for oneself as well as others. Keeping this in mind encourages humility, which is a core tenet of Reiki; a Reiki practitioner can only offer herself up as a channel to conduct Reiki to another. The practitioner cannot diagnose the recipient with any particular aliment, nor can she control what the outcome of a session will be. Obvious physical problems may only be symptoms of something deeper. Healing may be needed on an emotional, spiritual or mental level. Reiki goes where it is needed. The practitioner receives Reiki as well during every session. Reiki is considered a form of hands on healing, however, it can be conducted from any distance once the practitioner has been attuned to level II or III. Level III Reiki is the highest level. Some people, once they have obtained their level III attunements, call themselves Reiki Masters.


Reiki, or "universal" or "spiritual" energy reminds us that we are connected to all things. It fosters balance, harmony and healing on all levels: mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Hmmm, starting to sound like the quiet moments we share with animals? Have you ever stood in a field petting a horse? Taken a nap with a cat on your stomach? Sat shoulder-to-shoulder on a beach with a wet dog? In such moments we let go of trivial concerns and get into the moment. Animals are very good at this. They are natural Reiki practitioners and recipients. Generally, they seek to spend time with us, not yesterday, not tomorrow, but right now.


The five precepts of Reiki are:


For today only-


Do not anger.

Do not worry.

Be humble.

Be honest in your work.

Be compassionate to yourself and others.



Follow these precepts and you may just become the person your dog knows you can be!



recommended reading: Animal Reiki by Prasad and Fulton.

AND my own research paper about the metaphysical supremacy of dogs!: